#smartmama Lifestyle Habits & Healthy Hormones

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24 Early Bird Bundle — TWO Workshops, ONE Low Price!

One Day Early Bird Pricing on Friday, June 16 

Early Bird Bundle – $68 (combined regular price – $98)

Enroll in BOTH workshops now, mark your calendar for these week long events, and get ready to get #UNstuck this summer!

PLUS —- when you enroll in these workshops, you’ll ALSO receive the self-paced, lifetime access courses when they are completed and ready to access in early fall!

See Below for individual workshop details.

FREE for #UNstuck Members!

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This Early Bird Bundle includes:

#smartmama Lifestyle Habits

This Master Class Workshop  will clear up confusions about meal timing, hydration habits, movement goals, and yes - even atop cause of sleep issues! Food IS important, but so are key lifestyle habits and that’s what we’ll address in this one week workshop.

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Healthy Hormones

Food and lifestyle habits actually DO make a big difference in our hormone health and balance! This workshop will break down key hormones for you and equip you with practical tools to take charge of your hormones and take back your health and life.

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