#smartmama Lifestyle Habits

Maintaining Weight Loss, Achieving Better Health, and Staying #UNstuck in Your Journey


Confused about best meal timing to support your over-40 season? Struggling to stay consistent with hydration and movement goals… and wondering if they really matter at all? Hearing that sleep is important to weight loss, yet dropping into bed tired but wired? Tired of making the same lifestyle goals over and over, yet feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, stuck in place? 

This Master Class Workshop  will clear up confusions about meal timing, hydration habits, movement goals, and yes – even atop cause of sleep issues! Food IS important, but so are key lifestyle habits and that’s what we’ll address in this one week workshop.

Buying this Master Class Workshop NOW gives you BOTH the live event learning experience AND the self-paced course!

The LIVE event workshop takes place in a private Facebook group. The BONUS self-paced, lifetime access course is OFF of social media and will be ready for you to access by early Fall..  You will receive an email once the course is complete and ready.

Enrollment opens Saturday, June 17th and ends Wednesday, June 28th.

Workshop begins Monday, June 26th.

FREE for #UNstuck Members!

Enrollment Closed

Join me as we dig into these KEY lifestyle habits for Maintaining Weight Loss, Achieving Better Health, and Staying #UNstuck in Your Journey.  In this Master Class, we’ll cover the following in 4 video lessons:

  • Why Hydration is important for weight loss & When it’s best to drink up
  • Why Movement is key to weight loss maintenance & When it’s best to get moving
  • How Intentional Meal Timing can help you achieve goals faster than ever before
  • What the #1 Mistake Mamas make in regards to sleep… and how to correct it

Plus, we’ll tackle proven methods for goal setting, habit forming, and lasting progress in an added BONUS Lesson!  This Bonus Lesson Content will help you stop spinning your wheels, get #unstuck, and start achieving your goals - one day at a time! 

In addition to the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll also be equipped to make practical changes that will help you make progress towards goals.  As part of your workshop benefits, you’ll receive:

  • Note Taking Outlines to Help with Capturing Key Concepts
  • Resource Packet full of toolsheets and reference lists to aide application
  • BONUS Self-Paced, Lifetime Access Course of the learning content!!!  After the workshop concludes, we’ll be busy putting together the Course version of this workshop.  Same content, but at your fingertips any time you want to view or review!  The course will be ready by early fall and we’ll email you as soon as you can access it!


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