Power Hour Course


Frustrated with your progress?  Always busy with little to show for it? Feeling like you never have enough time to tackle health, wellness, and personal goals?  

Take back your day.  Take back your life.  Prepare the way for PROGRESS!

This course will equip you to start your day with POWER, PEACE, and a PLAN!

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Join me as we dig into this KEY piece for optimal health, weight, and wellness.  In this Course, we’ll cover the following in 3 video lessons:

  • How the first hour of the day can make or break our progress
  • The cost of hitting the snooze button
  • Three things to STOP doing in the morning
  • Three things to START doing instead
  • Four lists to create for both mindset and practical application
  • Ways to take the Power Hour to the Next Level!

In addition to the knowledge & tools you’ll gain, you’ll also be equipped to make practical changes that will help you make progress towards goals.  As part of your course, you’ll receive:

  • My signature Power Hour Journal complete with:
  • Daily Planner Pages
  • Menu Planning Pages
  • Movement Planning Pages
  • Mindset Focus Pages
  • Goal & Habit Planning Pages


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