Fuel Pulls are Fabulous 5-Day Focus


Learn the what, why, how, when, and who of THM FP meals.

This 5-Day Focus will take you from the basics of THM FP meals, into the benefits and role of FP meals & foods, and show you both how and why non-starchies and leafy greens are not only good, but also critical for getting and staying #unstuck in your journey! Our time together will take place in a free Facebook group.

This is for both the Beginner Mama as well as the THM Veteran.

Enrollment is from Tuesday, July 26th though Saturday, August 6th

The 5-Day Focus will run Monday, August 8th though Friday, August 12th

Join me as we dig into this important topic for health, weight, and wellness.  In this 5-Day Focus, we’ll cover the following in 5 short video lessons:

  • FP Meal Foundations
  • The Importance of FP Meals & Foods
  • How to Create FP Meals that Satisfy & Nourish
  • Timing & Scheduling FP Meals
  • How to use FP Meals & Foods for the Stuck Mama/Stubborn Loser

In addition to the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll also be equipped to make practical changes that will help you make progress towards goals.  As part of this 5-Day Focus, you’ll receive:

  • Note-Taking Outlines for each lesson
  • FP Cheat Sheet
  • List of best FP foods for beating inflammation, supporting a healthy gut, and balancing hormones
  • Recipe lists and resources to support you in meal planning
  • Menu Template


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