Finding Your Food Peace

Five Part Series


Are you struggling to stop thinking about food in between meals?  Is thinking about food and the next meal  taking up way too much brain space and stealing your joy while also holding you back in your health journey? Would you like to finally find FREEDOM, FOCUS, and FOOD PEACE?

This 5 Part series will help you put a STOP to the food noise and chaos once and for all!

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If you are like me, you may not even realize you have food noise because you’ve become so used to it.  But once it finally stops, you’ll be amazed at the energy, focus, JOY, and trim that follows!!!  I finally feel FREE in my journey - yes, even after a decade of working on my health!  The past few months have been GAME-CHANGING as I’ve made some simple tweaks to quiet the chaotic food noise and finally find my FOOD PEACE.  I cannot wait to share this with you!

In this 5 Part Series, we’ll cover the following:

  • Lesson 1 - What is Food Noise?  What Can Cause It?  What happens when you find your food peace?
  • Lesson 2 - 5 Practical Hacks for finding your Food Peace - an Overview, then deeper dive into the Hacks 1 & 2
  • Lesson 3 - Hacks 3 & 4
  • Lesson 4 - Hack 5
  • Lesson 5 - 80/20, mamas!  (or how this works for REAL LIFE!)
  • This series begins Monday, May 6 with a NEW lesson added each day through Friday, May 10. Access each lesson through your account page here on the website.  Watch your email inbox for daily reminders and encouragement for each lesson over the course of the week..

 In addition to recorded teaching videos, you’ll also receive a downloadable/printable pdf GUIDE full of resources and note-taking space to help you capture this important info and begin to make practical changes.  You will have lifetime-access to this 5 part series as well so that you can revisit the teaching as often as desired.

I hope this 5 part series is a HUGE blessing to you as it has been in my own journey!


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