Anti-Inflammatory Course


Tired of being tired, achy, and foggy headed? Confused about what to eat – and not eat – to lower chronic inflammation and move forward with healing?  Simply curious about giving yourself greater health & vitality advantage as you age? 

This Master Course will take you through the foundational WHYs and Impact of inflammation then on to practical knowledge of WHAT to do about it.  You’ll become equipped to make practical changes that will help you make true progress towards your health and trim goals.  YES! – good Beating Down Inflammation is FOUNDATIONAL to aging well, living vibrantly, and realizing lasting progress! 

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In this self-paced, lifetime access Course, we’ll cover the following:

  • Signs, causes, and impact of elevated inflammation
  • Best foods for reducing inflammation
  • Top foods to avoid that increase inflammation
  • How to implement the Trim Healthy Mama plan with an anti-inflammatory focus

In addition to the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll also be equipped to make practical changes that will start helping you make progress towards goals.  As part of your course benefits, you’ll receive:

  • My personal one Week THM Anti-Inflammatory Menu
  • List of top foods to include
  • List of top foods to avoid/decrease
  • Recipe lists and resources to support you in future meal planning
  • Menu Template
  • Easy Swap ‘hacks’ to help you make little changes with big impact



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