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Gut Health Master Course

~ H i p p o c r a t e s

Have you ever had a panic attack come out of nowhere?

I sure have. MANY of them. In the car, specifically.

It’s not fun and it’s not safe.
It’s scary and debilitating.
And to be honest… it’s embarrassing and confusing.

I *know* everything is okay, but for some reason, a panic attack while driving – or even riding! – would come out of nowhere and make me think that something terrible is about to happen.

Have you been there? Or maybe you are still there ((hugs)). Mama, I want to tell you that there is HOPE.

I’ve spent the past decade working on my health – mind, body, spirit – including working on healing my gut. Not just so my tummy would stop bloating (although, that was the initial reason I started Trim Healthy Mama), but because I learned that my panic attacks in the car were DIRECTLY RELATED TO my poor gut health

When I learned that serotonin is MADE IN THE GUT then sent to the brain, I knew that this was why these panic attacks were plaguing me and holding me back from LIVING LIFE.

With each passing year of doing my Trim Healthy Mama Thing AND focusing on Gut Health, I have celebrated victory after victory. Not just in the clothing the department, although that’s nice, but more importantly in the LIVING department!

Here are a few of the many gut-healing – related victories: 

  • I go to bed at night with a comfy tummy and no longer with a bloated, hurting tummy
  • I fall asleep quickly and STAY ASLEEP!
  • I can drive my kids allllllll over town and we are SAFE.
  • I am calmer, happier, and able to handle stress better.
  • I left 7 years of anti-depressant use behind years ago.
  • I can go to the movies or a concert and not have a panic attack from the overwhelm (I’m still working on movies with lots of flight/aerial stuff, but I’m getting there!)

And my most recent victory – *I* drove the 3 hour highway trip home with my oldest teen after attending her college orientation! This is a BIG DEAL because now I know I can safely drive to her college if and when needed. Knowing that she can count on me to come to her even if daddy is working or unable to come is a BIG DEAL.

ALLLLLLL glory to GOD and how He has led me on this Trim Healthy Gut Healing path!!!!

This is one of the many reasons why I always say that trim is great, but HEALTHY LIVING is better. So. Much. Better. Who cares if I’m “at goal weight” (whatever that is!) if I am not able to LIVE LIFE with zest and vibrancy?!?!

This is the bigger picture, mama. And this took time – healing from the inside out is the slower path, for sure, but it’s the only path that truly brings real and lasting change. You are worth the time it takes to claim this type of lasting, beautiful change. Start today and don’t look back. Nothing changes if nothing changes!!!

You’re in the right place, Mama! I pray that all the tips in this gut health course will change your health and your life!

Love, Mama Fox

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