Hey there! I’m
Mama Fox


Helping women over 40 increase their energy, reclaim their sleep, reduce inflammation, and improve their gut health all while trimming down their waistlines.

Coach Mama Fox

Are you an over-40 mama who’s

  • Stuck in your health and trim journey?
  • Grappling with stubborn weight?
  • Having trouble sticking to the THM plan?
  • Ready for something to change, once and for all?

    I can help you:

    • Kick your metabolism – and attitude! – into high gear.
    • Have the tips, tricks, and tools to get unstuck.
    • Know the key lifestyle habits that will keep you unstuck.
    • Beat inflammation, support a healthy gut, and improve your sleep.
    • Get the scale and tape measure moving in the right direction again!

    I Understand Your Needs!

    By offering focused accountability groups, online workshops, and self-paced courses, I share the info and tools needed to make real, lasting progress as a more mature mama.

    The key is that I not only coach mamas in what to eat, but also in those important lifestyle habits that
    enhance and support all the wonderful healthy food we get to enjoy as Trim Healthy Mamas.

    My whole-mama approach is what has helped hundreds of ladies to finally get #unstuck and reach goals in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond!


    FREE 5-Day Focus

    These FREE classes are short targeted training times to help you understand how and why our bodies can get out of whack and how we can restore balance to allow healing.

    FREE Facebook group

    The free Coach Mama Fox Facebook group is always available! Join here for a safe, encouraging, and fun place to discuss all things Trim Healthy Mama related – especially as a woman over 40! It’s not for coaching but for community.


    #UNstuck Membership

    The UNstuck Membership is a place for Stuck Mama/Stubborn Loser 8 Week Course ‘graduates’ to continue in their journey with supportive accountability, continued learning, & encouraging guidance.

    Enrollment opens following the Stuck Mama/Stubborn Loser 8 wk Course.


    Stuck Mama / Stubborn Loser 8 Week

    This is an advanced course for ladies who are struggling in their Trim Healthy Mama journey and are ready to make changes, realize progress, and achieve success in their journey.

    * Discounted for UNstuck Members.

    2 Week Workshops

    These are paid workshops for ladies struggling with specific health issues or wanting to learn about specific topics. Watch for workshops that address your exact issues and learn how to triumph over these challenges.

    *Free for UNstuck members.

    Shannon family

    Meet Mama Fox 

    Shannon Fox is a certified Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle Coach, an official Trim Healthy Mama Administrator, and a veteran of this life-changing plan.  But those are just official titles!  

    Mama Fox is also wife to her Mr. Wonderful, homeschool mama to their 4 fun (and loud!) kiddos, and most importantly – a Child of God.

    In her free time, you’ll find her on long walks around the neighborhood, sipping hot coffee, or conducting an impromptu musical in the kitchen. 😉 

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